Pressure washing plainsboro nj – Information

The cleanliness of your house depends on the way you clean a house. Cleaning the house means it looks new and hygienic for living. If the cleaning process is approached with a positive attitude, it can become an enjoyable activity. There are different techniques of cleaning, but pressure washing has come to be accepted as simple and effective. Before you actually start cleaning with a pressure washer it is advisable to undertake a practice run first. Get accustomed to the wand and chooses a spray that is most effective. Most experienced contractors will suggest use of both hands to prevent tiring. Have a look at a list of washing tips and advice from contractors.Get more informations of Pressure washing plainsboro nj.

1. Using the Wand – Knowing the Direction of Spraying Water
The wand should always be pointed downward at most times to be able to control the spray. It will be required to be pointed upward when cleaning under the soffits. As a basic rule of washing – water should not be directed towards any gaps or cracks. Water should not be allowed to go up the soffit vents too. The shingles should also be protected as they can be misplaced and moved by the pressure of the water.

2. Connecting the Pressure Washer
The pressure washer should be connected to the outdoor faucet by using an ordinary hose for the garden. The nozzle should be firmly attached and the engine should be put into ignition. Eyes should be protected from falling paint and dirt by wearing goggles. A waterproof outfit should be selected to prevent getting soaked.

3. Practice Cleaning With a Pressure Washer
Initially, the washer should be used in a low area. The wand should be held in two hands and moved from side to side at a steady pace. When cleaning the siding start by cleaning from a distance of 2-3 ft. and then keep moving closer till an optimum distance is established. As a rule the spray from the wand should be aimed at a horizontal or slightly downward angle, to prevent water from entering the siding.

4. Direction of Cleaning
When cleaning walls, start from the bottom and keep moving upwards. The gutters, sidings and the soffits should also be cleaned. Objects like windows, lights and door frames should not be in the direct force of the spray. Although a pressure washer will remove all loose paint it cannot be used solely for scrapping paint.

5. Important Tips
If the wand is held too close for too long in one spot, it can damage the grain of the wood and can also unnecessarily strip paint too. The shutters should be removed after washing and checked for any water that might have seeped underneath. Areas that are beyond the reach of a pressure washer can be cleaned with the help of a brush with nylon bristles. Pressure washing should never be done while standing on a ladder.